La La Land

Wednesday's Blogs from the Bog

by Nick Pittman

Bobby's out, a big day for Saints fans, even bigger for the words "Syrian Refugees."

Bobby Jindal Suspends Campaign

If you had Nov. 17 as the day Bobby Jindal finally woke up from his pipe dream of being president, congrats! You won the pool.

The Big Syrian Refugee Crisis Day 5

Today's Syrian refugee count in Louisiana is still at 14. Keeping it low is high priority for Bobby Jindal, David Vitter, and John Bel Edwards (although some on the Right say he's not in it to win it and that he previously said he supported efforts for relocation). Vitter is clashing with Mayor Mitch Landrieu over a letter the former wrote. Landrieu says Vitter wrote to parishes surrounding the city and did not address him directly. Vitter put out an ad attacking Edwards' stance on supporting President Obama on the issue. Jindal isn't going to lame duck the issue: he's issued an executive order to block the refugees from our state. Some smarty pants, however, are pointing out that is just not possible. Try telling that to the Bobby "The Raisin" Jindal.

Debate Smackdown

In front one of the wildest (debate) crowds in history, David Vitter and John Bel Edwards sparred one last time before the election. The debate itself was pretty rowdy: fists were literally pounded, fingers were pointed, voices were raised. Vitter accused Edwards of supporting the president in accepting Syrian refugees. Edwards countered with assertions Vitter was twisting the truth and that Vitter missed meetings that could have dealt with problems like that. The crowd was the real star: one organizer saying it was the rowdiest bunch in 40 years and an uncontrollable crowd that interrupted the candidates. At one point, the two men almost came to blows as the crowd chanted "World Star." Not really, but one can only dream.

Prayers for Lafayette, Votes for Leger

Everyone has a right to an opinion but this is down right disgusting. You make a page to honor those injured and killed in the Grand 16 shooting and that's where you leave it. But that's not the case for Prayers For Lafayette. Instead, the Facebook page has come out in support of a Chad Leger, a political candidate running for the office of Lafayette Parish sheriff. Whoever is behind this - and this peiece points out there are odd similarities between the page and Leger's own profile - is essentially cashing in on the two lives lost and the many shattered. Now, it appears the page might have been removed. That's the only good thing about this whole stink show.

Vitter Missed Again

Vitter caught hell over missing a vote to honor fallen soldiers minutes before calling an escort service. Now, his phone records bit him in the diaper again. Vitter's calls have been tied to another day where he missed a meeting and made a similar call. This time the topic was developing vaccines to protect soldiers from biological warfare. Vitter: you may not want to skip out on information on vaccines. You might just need one.

Rob Ryan: Fired and Take your Hair with You

Looks like the best sack the Saints laid out this season was that of defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. This should have been in yesterday's update, but I was waiting it out. I mean, Monday was more of a roller coaster of a news day than the Giants game. First reports surfaced that Ryan was gone or on his way out; then Sean Payton came out and criticized the media for speculating; then, he came out and admitted Ryan had been let go. If you don't know why, you haven't been watching. Can't blame you but I can wonder why this took so long.