25 politicos in Vitter’s home parish endorse Edwards

This has to be the ultimate snub to governor wannabe Sen. David Vitter: More than two dozen elected officials in Jefferson Parish have endorsed rival John Bel Edwards. The kicker: Most of them are Republicans.

The group held a press conference Wednesday to announce the backing of Edwards, a state representative from Tangipahoa Parish.

“Those of us listed here today believe that our next governor needs to be someone who is focused on Louisiana and not on his own ambitions,” says Gretna Police Chief Arthur Lawson, an independent, in a release announcing the endorsement. “We need someone who can unite the state and will put Louisiana before anything or anyone else. That is why whether we are Republicans, Democrats or Independents, we are all proud to support John Bel Edwards for Governor.”

“This race is about much more than party affiliation. It’s about character and the ability to work with the state legislature to make sure we can move Louisiana forward in working together to solve some tough problems,” adds Republican state Sen. Danny Martiny. “I know John Bel is the best person to accomplish this and we encourage our constituents to join us in voting for John Bel Edwards this Saturday.”

Here’s a list of those endorsing Edwards today, including five state lawmakers:

Jefferson Parish

Councilman at Large Elton Lagasse (R)

Councilman Ricky Templet (R)

Councilman Chris Roberts (R)

Councilwoman Cynthia Lee Sheng (R)

Councilman Mark Spears (D)

State Representative Joseph Lopinto (R)

State Representative Bryan Adams (R)

State Representative Robert E. Billiot (D)

State Representative-Elect Rodney Lyons (D)

State Senator Daniel Martiny (R)

Constable Wayne Nocito (D)

Constable Jonathan Liberto (I)

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand (R)


Kenner Police Chief Michael Glaser (R)


Mayor Belinda Constant (D)

Police Chief Arthur Lawson (I)

Councilman at Large Wayne Rau (R)

Councilman Milton Crosby (D)

Councilman Joe Marino (I)

Councilman Mark Miller (R)

Councilman Jackie Berthelot (R)


Mayor Johnny Shaddinger (D)

Chief of Police Dwayne J. Munch (R)

Councilman Rev. Glenn Green (D)

Councilman Norman J. Fonseca (D)