La La Land

Thursday’s Blogs from the Bog

by Nick Pittman

Did Rob Ryan deserve to get the ax? How about Les Miles?

Playing the Fields

In this weekend's election coverage, there was an odd mention of Cleo Fields - who in 1997 was caught taking 20,000 from Edwin Edwards. David Vitter's camp is now calling out John Bel Edwards for having Fields as part of his campaign. Fields was on a plane to a fundraiser James Carville held at his house, but as Doug Williams - Superbowl XXII MVP - points out, it was as his guest and only so Fields could go have dinner with his son.Edwards denies Fields involvement. But, Vitter's camp has found an ad for Edwards from the primary race that features Fields endorsing Edwards. Plus, Fields gave Edwards' campaign $5,000. Wonder if it was in small unmarked bill in a brown envelope.

Syrian Refugee Crisis: Day 6

Our refugee count is still holding strong at 14. Or maybe it is 13 - we are not sure. Catholic Charities, which received the refugees, admits that one of them left the state to visit family in Washington, D.C., and they have not heard from him or her yet. I smell a conspiracy! (Typically, immigrants aren't tracked in that manner in this country by any agency other than the Minuteman Project and your Uncle Steve with the van.) The organization is also reporting that people have made death threats in regards to the refugees. Well, that is certainly a Christian thing to do. Take that as you may.

Pop Quiz

So, you read all the pieces about David Vitter and John Bel Edwards. You watched the debates. You DVR'd the ads. You read up on their voting records. But, how well do you really know the two candidates? The Advocate quizzes voters on the differences between the two. Here's a hint: if you get stumped, pick "both candidates." You will get at least a C. At least it's not one of those "Which type of carrot are you" quizzes that are always on my newsfeed.

Miles to Go?

Ah, it is that time of the year again. When he weather gets cold and LSU fans start to clamor for the firing of Les Miles. Not only are the fans calling for it, but now reports say the university might pull the trigger if he drops to Ole Miss and A&M. If he survives, just wait until next year: he'll get a few wins under his belt and you'll love him again!

The Falcon is a Saints Fan

New Orleans' own Anthony Mackie - The Falcon from the Captain America movies - went on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and talked about going to Saints games, losing Rob Ryan ("Thank God!" he says) and having to get new seats because he was kissing nuns at games. It's a rare highlight for this season. He should head over here and vote whether or not letting Rob Ryan go was a good move. So far, the yeas have it at 70 percent. (That poll probably has a better turnout than our governor's race will.)