IND, The Lens offer ’lightning-fast’ election results

We're rolling it out for the first time, so please don't hold us to the lightening-fast part.

UPDATE: Click here for tonight's results.

Original story:

Visit when the polls close Saturday for a super-cool election map produced by The Lens and offered exclusively in Lafayette by The Independent.

The election-night map will automatically populate with returns every time the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office hits its update button. You can even see how statewide candidates and candidates for Lafayette Parish sheriff are doing across the parish and by precincts.

We’re offering this service for the first time, and we may run into some glitches, so don’t hold us to lightning-fast headline. In all the clutter of the election, we really needed to get your attention!

You will note that at the state level, the votes will be light and subject to change as partial votes come in. The colors turn solid red when the totals are complete (this is not the case for precincts, as only final numbers show up).

Click here for the results.