La La Land

Monday’s Blogs form the Bogs

by Nick Pittman

At last, the election is over! No more election news! Except for the following election news.

It's Over ... Finally

In case you were in doing something - really, anything - better and haven't heard, the governor's race is, at last, over. John Bel Edwards is now our governor-elect, besting David VItter by 12 points. It wasn't the 20 he had polled at, but it was still an impressive victory for a Democrat in a Republican state. Here, Stephanie Grace looks at how he accomplished that. To be honest, though, with Republicans staking out other statewide offices last night, it came down to two words: serious sin. Many could not get behind a guy with VItter's past - even if it meant not voting or *gasp* voting for a Democrat. Of course, it might also have been Bobby Jindal's fault.

David = Done

David VItter had never lost an election until last night. It looks like it will be his first and last loss. He announced on the heels of his defeat that he won't seek re-election for his senate seat.

First Day in Office vs the Economy

John Bel Edwards - despite covering himself in a coat of Republican red ideas and leanings for the election - maintains that his first order of business on the first day in office will be to sign an executive order to expand Medicaid, covering some 225,000 residents. Look, that's fine and all, but in case you haven't heard our economy just waved a white flag and you aren't exactly perceived as the pro-business guy. So, if you want to keep the Obamacare promise, how about cooking up something pro-business to do on Day 1 as well to keep those on the ledge from jumping? We need a positive omen right about now.

I'll Just Leave This Here

Is David Vitter your governor?

Syrian Refugee Crisis: Day 10

Did David, Bobby and John see this before making all that no-refugee flap? If they would have allowed a few in if they would have seen this compilation of “13 Syrian Refugees We’d Take Immediately" by The Daily Caller. Compiled by master stalking techniques, it includes women who are "Syria-sly hot." While the page is still up, the photos have been deleted.

Rob Ryan Rants

Oh man, what a Jerry Maguire moment. Following his firing, Rob Ryan went on NFL Gameday and took the plunge, saying we blame everything on him - even Katrina. Wait, you were the defensive coordinator, right? Our defense sucks, right? Yeaaaaahhhh, that would be your fault. (Then again, in his defense there is this. Get it? Defense?)

Les Miles: Ouch!

Not only is Les Miles about to get wiped out of a job, he got wiped out at Saturday's Ole Miss game. Even if he were to win against A&M, this report says it is not looking good. BTW, Coach Hud would have leveled this guy. Just saying.

Good News, Bad News

UL lost a heart breaker Saturday night. But, Elijah McGuire came out of his slump. Running for two touchdowns (64 and 27 yards respectively), he racked up 164 yards. That second TD run was a thing of beauty, outmaneuvering the defense in two separate spots. Hopefully, McGuire will keep it up for the remaining two games.