La La Land

Tuesday’s Blogs from the Bog

by Nick Pittman

Still hungover from the election? Yeah, us too.

The Body Is Not Even Cold Yet

Saturday: David Vitter announced he won't seek reelection for his senate seat. Monday: Rep. Charles Boustany announced he will run to take his spot. Damn, can't a brother get a grace period?

Tell Me Something I Don't Know

The Times-Pic dives into the impact of higher education cuts in Louisiana: bigger classes, prolonged time to get a degree and more adds up to a dangerous cycle - our universities are less attractive, which means less money, which means the problems that started it in the first place. Seems like this should be a priority to someone.

It's Too Easy To Get A Fake Gun In This State

Two prisoners in the Lafourche Parish Detention were busted with a gun made of soap and toilet paper. I wonder if they saw the how-to on Pinterest. You know, fake guns never turn out the way they look on Pinterest. They planned to use it in an escape attempt. Brings new meaning to drop the soap.

Oblivious Much?

Bobby Jindal will spend much of his remaining days in office as he spent much of his days in office: traveling. At least this time it will be in our state. Jindal is taking what you could call a farewell tour or a non-victory lap, stopping all over the state to speak. Did he not hear about how unpopular he is?

Har, Pt. 2

I'll just leave this here.

Blame It On The Rain

Voter turnout in Lafayette was about the same for the primary - pretty sucktastic at 41 percent. Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court Louis Perret says the weather played a factor. That's not it, but ok.

Lots Of Zeroes

Louisiana Voice breaks down the cost of the governor's election. Startling stuff. And it is not just the money spent but something else: according to them there was not a word on turning this state around.

What Does This Election Show Us?

Maybe it's not as Ruby Red as we thought. Or, sometimes party lines fade in the glare of serious personal issues. The Hayride puts it another way, as in Democrat trickery.

Edwards Has A Hard Road Ahead Of Him

Whether you voted for him because you believe in him, because you don't believe in VItter or you couldn't bring yourself to vote for either one, you have to admit it: it is hard to envy this guy. No matter which way he goes, he will be beset with problems. Start the betting now on him being re-elected. .