La La Land

Wednesday’s Blogs from the Bog

by Nick Pittman

School vouchers, charter schools, students out on bail playing in the playoffs, it is all here.

Education First

John Bel Edwards met with the Louisiana Federation of Teachers to assure them he's on their side: he says he will go after State Education Superintendent John White, but is cool with vouchers and charter schools. Wow, it's almost like he plans on actually governing this state.

Hold up on that Medicaid

John Bel Edwards' plan to expand Medicaid on day one appears to be a tall order. According to the AP. he says the state's financing share needs to be covered first. Yeah, that's not happening anytime soon.

Upside Down Uproar

At first, it read like the noose on LSU's campus - looking at a stamp upside down and imagining racism. Granted, not a far leap as the bar in question, Reggie's, flies the Confederate flag. Then, you realize that is not how you spell Reggie's.

Bail to Ball

Two North Webster High School players were arrested - one wearing his high school playoff shirt - last week for misdemeanor carnal knowledge of a juvenile (they are 17 and 18 she's 14). Twelve hours later, (after making bail) they were allowed to play a playoff game. Looks like these two have a future in the NFL. Hell, they could even win the Heisman in their freshman year at this rate! John Ware, head coach of the Knights, warned the media he would walk off if asked any arrest-related questions. The only justice here appears to be the loss they took at the hands of Amite High School. Way to go Warriors!

Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Les Miles may not have too much to be thankful for this week, but ESPN is saying Tiger fans might want to put the brakes on his firing. After all, when it comes to winning percentages, he has a better one than Nick Saban. That's no crystal football but it is something.

Turkey Day Countdown is On

"The first turkey is placed upside down in a dangling bucket that has a hole in the bottom for his neck to fit through. He is secured in with a clamp." If you are in PETA, stop reading now: here's a look at a day in the life on Gotreaux Family Farms in Scott. A turkey killing day.