Edwards offers Dardenne post in new admin

The outgoing lieutenant governor would not say what job is on the table, but speculation has it he’s been offered commissioner of administration.

Republican Jay Dardenne, who endorsed Democrat John Bel Edwards in the Nov. 21 general election, has been offered a job in the new administration.

Gov.-elect John Bel Edwards has offered outgoing Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne a position in his administration, and Dardenne says he is carefully considering the job. Edwards is a Dem and Dardenne a Republican.

Baton Rouge Business Report notes that in an exclusive interview Wednesday on The Clay Young Show podcast, Dardenne said, “Since the election we have spoken, and he has talked to me about being involved and I am considering that right now.”

Dardenne, who endorsed Edwards in the runoff, wouldn’t say what position is on the table, though his name has quietly swirled about political circles as a potential for the top job of Commissioner of Administration, according to Business Report. “With a 14-year career in the Louisiana Legislature, including eight years as chairman of the powerful Senate Finance Committee, Dardenne would be a natural for the job,” the pub’s Stephanie Riegel writes.

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