La La Land

Thursday’s Blogs from the Bog

by Nick Pittman

Be thankful. Be very thankful.

I'm Thankful that This may be a Wake-up Call

New Orleans needs to get on the right path. If it doesn't happen soon, what will there be for the next generation?

I'm Thankful for our Community ...

And it's ability to move forward through grief. If you missed the re-opening of The Grand 16, here it is.

I'm Thankful for all the Law-Abiding Strip Clubs

I guess that's an oxymoron in this parish, as now Michael's, the last one open in Lafayette Parish, is under investigation for prostitution. In their defense, dancers from the club took to KATC's Facebook to say that while they may work the pole, they aren't working girls and that the issue stems from a dancer giving an undercover cop her number. Looks like more investigation is needed. Make your tax payments in singles!

I'm Thankful for Fried Turkey

Pro tips: no ice whatsoever. Take some hot water to the cavity even if you think it's completely thawed. Heat the grease 25 degrees hotter than your recipe says, because of the temperature drop when the cold bird goes into the pot. If your recipe calls for anything other than three minutes a pound at 325 degrees, you are using the wrong recipe. It is easier to fry two small-to-medium turkeys than one large. While that $40 pot of oil is hot, throw a couple whole chickens in there - you're welcome. And, have your oven preheated just in case. There's no shame in that.

I'm Thankful that Someone Finally Woke Up ...

And realized Morten Andersen and Sam Mills needed to be in the Hall of Fame. Vote now!

I'm. So. Super. Thankful

December. 21. Blue Bell. Louisiana.