La La Land

Friday’s Blog from the Bogs

by Nick Pittman

Shouldn't you be sleeping off a turkey coma right now? At least you aren't fighting at a Black Friday Sale!

Go Back to Bed, It Can Wait

Need another reason to stay home today and instead go to Small Business Saturday? It might keep a black eye off your face and your butt out of jail. according to this, Louisiana is fourth on the list of states where shoppers will most likely brawl at Black Friday shopping. That Cuddle-me Twilight Sparkle just ain't worth it. Besides, all I really want is a vintage Black Pot T-shirt.

Dardenne Unplugged

John Bel Edwards received a nice endorsement from Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne - himself a failed candidate for governor. Here, The Hayride examines a radio interview with Dardenne that offered a glimpse of his future and whether or not it includes a spot on Edwards' staff, plus guesses about how the new governor will run things.

Oil's Well that isn't Going Well

The question of our economy's future should be number one on everybody's mind. The Conservative Cajun looks at the oil issue and wonders if Edwards will catch what Jindal missed.

One Last Look a Vitter's Failure

Another post-mortem piece on the governor's race offers a lot more meat than previous ones. This one looks at why Vitter's past derailed him in 2015 but not in 2010. It boils down to a little bit of timing, a lot of out-of-sight, out-of-mind.

That's not ISIS, that's my Fruitcake

You order a lot of stuff online for the holidays and a lot of people are sending you stuff. It will likely come via UPS. Please don't shoot the messenger, er delivery man. This is a hoax. UPS drivers drive UPS trucks. And, just so you know, sometimes they rent U-Haul trucks because they can't keep up with holiday shipping. True story.