La La Land

Monday’s Blogs from the Bog

by Nick Pittman

The burning questions answered: How many Syrians are there? Does Les Miles have a job? Can Lamar White and Bobby Jindal just be friends?

An Ode to Jindal

Lamar White Jr. bids farewell to Bobby Jindal - and offers a little about governor elect John Bel Edwards. He seems sad to see Jindal go, even posting a picture of the two. But it is not because he will be missed but because of the fodder he provided. Sniff.

Edwards' Journey

If you are looking for a more detailed recap of Edwards road to the mansion, here is just that.

Attention Walmart Shoppers

Just stop with the bomb threats already, I am trying to buy some cheap towels!

Previewing the Race for Vitter's Seat

It will be fierce and expensive and take in candidate from all over, including, perhaps, Scott Angelle, a failed candidate for governor. So in other words, just like the past govenornor's race. Yay ... said nobody.

Syrian Refugee Crisis: Day ... Something or Another

Aljazeera America goes in deep on the Syrian refugee issue. Deeply personal that is, interviewing actual - gasp - refugees. Well, one who has been here for 22 years and has been in contact with the 13 refugees in Louisiana. It examines their plight and the political maneuvering they were part of during the governor's race. Oh wait, there has been Syrians among us for all this time? Run for the hills!

Vitter vs Jindal

Here's a breakdown of the animosity between David Vitter and Bobby Jindal and speculation on how it hurt VItter's last chance to win the election.

Troop 1 is not Happy

The endorsement by the Louisiana State Troopers Association isn't going away. Troopers from Troop 1, out of Lafayette, are supposedly calling for the resignation of LTSA president Jay O’Quinn and David Young, the organization’s executive director. And to think, this was all not necessary to defeat VItter.

More Les to Come

I hate to even mention this because the story could change as I type, but Les Miles, y'all. Looks like he is staying. News stories went back and forth over the weekend: one minute he is saying A&M would be his last game, the next he is denying it. Apparently, the decision was made to keep him sometime in the third quarter. Maybe it had something to do with Bobby Jindal throwing his weight behind him. Nah, probably not. Well, there's always next year Tiger fans!