La La Land

Tuesday’s Blogs from the Bog

by Nick Pittman

Forget Syrian Refugees, throw Joe Alleva under the bus.

Gambit's Winners and Losers

Gambit looks at the election season one last time and picks the winners and losers. It's not just Democrats and Edwards. Instead, it offers the messages and groups that came out ahead and behind this time around. Vitter's fail, they rationalize, means a halt to race/nationality based fear mongering (does this mean the Syrian Refugee crisis is officially over?) Seriously, does Gambit not have Facebook?

Hurricane Season: Over

The good news is we made it through another hurricane season unscathed. The bad news is we owe that to El Niño, which means, historically, a colder and wetter winter. So in the throes of winter woes, just think about how nice it was not having to evacuate.

You can't Have it All

This piece is an it-will-be-ok note to liberals who like JBE and abortion. While it says you wish he would be more progressive and go after guns and shore up abortion rights, you can't let it be a deal breaker. Basically, although he's not everything you wanted he is something you got.

Who is Being Thrown under the LSU Bus this Week?

Today, LSU fans love Les Miles but hate Athletic Director Joe Alleva. Fans booed his recorded message at Saturday's game and hung signs demanding his firing. This editorial calls him inept and the Napoleon Dynamite of athletic directors (does that mean he has sweet dance moves?). Word around the campfire is that LSU didn't keep Miles based on merit but because Florida State's Jimbo Fisher opted to remain in Tallahassee. Gee, that's just what we need - another guy named Jimbo in Louisiana.

Sad but True

Its not Rob Ryan. It's not Sean Payton. It's not Drew Brees. It's not Brandon Browner. It is that the Saints stink. Period.