La La Land

Wednesday’s Blog from the Bog

by Nick Pittman

A new contender for making Louisiana look bad enters the arena.

A Brown Eye for LA

We get rid of Vitter and now we have this guy, smh. State Sen. Troy Brown, a Democrat, was arrested over the weekend - after attending the Bayou Classic where he admittedly consumed a few alcoholic beverages - for domestic simple battery. Brown - who sponsored legislation establishing the Louisiana Domestic Violence Commission last spring - allegedly punched a woman after arguing with her friend in a New Orleans hotel room. But now he is pleading not guilty because he can't remember it thanks to a car accident 24 years ago. Ok, that's a valid defense. Making matters worse, the case is domestic abuse because she is Brown's "side-friend," according to her and the police. Not his wife, but his side-friend of 10 years.(According to the Times-Pic, on his Facebook page, he says "I am a family man. I am happily married to my beautiful wife Toni.") Side-friend. Side- friend? Of course, Conservatives are drawing parallels - or non-parallels as in the lack of outrage - to Vitter's serious sin.

An Era Ends

Stephanie Grace proclaims the defeat of David Vitter and the suspension of Bobby Jindal's campaign as the death of an era in Louisiana politics. From there, she ponders who will now run the show. It's ok, Bobby,even though your day is done, you are still on the ballot in Florida. So you are telling me there is a chance?

Whoa, Bobby!

Oh man, this is the Bobby Jindal we could have gotten behind! A new book out by Buzzfeed reporter McKay Coppins (ok, we will ignore that ridiculous job title) claims that Bobby Jindal emulated Gordon Gekko (of Wall Street) as a lad, even carrying a briefcase to school and sporting bow ties before they were faux nerd cool. He also once asked a minister if The Little Mermaid was in the Bible. Are you sure? That seems like too much personality for the Raisin.

Stage Six: Acceptance

Have the Saints joined us in saying, "there's always next year"? This blog says yes, and performances like this means no one - coaches, general managers and sacred cow players - is safe anymore.Wait, this was supposed to be our rebuild year. Oh well, there's always next year.

Back to the Future Fire

This headline right here: "‘Exploding’ hoverboard blamed for destroying Louisiana family’s home." Sorry, but that's just not something we thought we'd ever see in print. I blame Marty McFly.