La La Land

Thursday’s Blogs from the Bog

by Nick Pittman

What's that smell? Either its approval ratings or the cure for coastal erosion.

Bobby and Johnny

Bobby Jindal and John Bel Edwards met with each other then met with the media about issues and transitions at the governor's office. But, they would only divulge one specific issue that was discussed: school vouchers. Jindal asked Edwards to keep his program going and to meet and discuss the issue with students and parents who receive the vouchers. Edwards didn't exactly commit to the meeting or acknowledge their safety, but is known to be in favor of limiting the program instead of removing it. But, one thing came out this week: Edwards will sign an order protecting gays and lesbians in state jobs and state contracted jobs. Did you catch that? Came out? Get it! Sorry, it is hard to joke about the children and the equal rights.

The Buddy System

Whoa. It really seems like this should should have been covered more. Instead, it got lost in the election season that featured David Vitter. Buddy Caldwell - our attorney general for, like, forever - has been up to a nice little racket. Cronyism in Louisiana? Nah ...

Beating a Dead Elephant

It just keeps getting worse for David Vitter. Morning Consult reports that his approval numbers are pretty awful - 47 percent. Bill Cassidy, on the other hand, sunk to 44 percent. That's bad but what is worse is that 24 percent of those polled didn't know enough about him to rate his job. Doing stellar work, you guys!

A Stinky Solution for a Problem that Stinks

Is dookie water going to save our coastline? A company sure hopes so or it has been getting swamped in treated sewerage and waste water for nothing. Wetlands Resources uses it to grow grass and cypress trees in special pods that will help them fight erosion. So, keep on flushing!

5th on the Two Lists

Louisiana and New Orleans came in at number five on a couple bad lists recently. Louisiana made the number five spot for worst drivers in the nation, based on the rate of fatal auto accidents, drunk driving, speeding, distracted driving, breaking traffic laws and driving without seat belts. As for New Orleans, it is the number five fattest and laziest city in the country based on the obesity rate, fast food restaurants per capita, unemployment rate and geo-located tweets containing the words "fat" and "lazy". While that doesn't really sound all that scientific - our economy sucks, leave us alone - it is hard to argue with the findings, especially with this massive fried shrimp poboy I am holding.

Da Hill backs Da Donald

Donald Trump attempted to meet with black pastors in what was supposed to be a massive endorsing event. However, that backfired when 100 of them decided to opt out - Trump blames #blacklivesmatter. But, one Opelousas pastor was still down with The Donald, meeting him in New York on Monday. Rev. Kerney Thomas, a pastor at the Opelousas Life Church, says he will endorse Trump. While your at it Rev., hook him up with a good Sunday hat to cover that "hair" of his.

Saints out of Bowl Chances

The Saints don't have a chance of making Super Bowl 50. We knew that. But now, it seems no one on the squad is bound for the Pro Bowl. This blog speculates that no players will be picked on the team, not even Drew Brees. This would be the first time since the 2007 season the Saints were not represented at the event. But on the bright side, who watches that mess of a game any way?