La La Land

Friday’s Blogs from the Bog

by Nick Pittman

Some-Bobby owes the state some money but I am not saying who.

Pay Up Bobby

Look, it was fun and all, but it is time to pay your bill. Bobby Jindal's failed run for presidency cost Louisiana in travel - in the millions this year alone - and state trooper protection. Though he has skirted the bills through some budget trickery, he owes us that money. What did you think we would let it slide because you left us alone with all these deficits? Did you think it would all be ok when you won the presidency? Yeah, that wasn't happening.

Bullock Baby Bomb

I'm sorry ... were we talking about something? It's just .. well, Sandra Bullock adopted a 3 year old from Louisiana ... and ... well, I've been lobbying for her to shower her love and attention and money and love on another child from Louisiana for years. I'm just a little broken up that she didn't pick me, I mean him, to take with her out of this jungle. I'm super happy for you and the kid and all, you know ... if that's what you want ... but maybe next time? #youhadmeatwrestlingernesthemmingway #imamanamongmen

We Just Can't Win

The Amite Warriors made national news (USA Today gives a full break down with links to a video) when the whole team - even down to the water boy (maybe) - were suspended from playing in the semi-finals game of the Class 3A playoffs. The team beat Bogalusa handily but joined in a bench clearing brawl after the game. As per Louisiana High School Athletic Association rules, any and every team member who comes off the bench during a fight cannot play in the next game. Therefore, St. James - their scheduled opponent - automatically advances. Two things of note: the Tangipahoa school district (hey, that's where I am from!) appealed the ruling and was denied (playing by the rules is not just for the students!). And, secondly, this is the home team of Governor-elect John Bel Edwards (he attended a playoff game after winning the election). Can't win them all JBE but there's always next year.

Gunnin' for the Bottom

The Second Amendment is great and all but this is really frightening. Louisiana has scored the lowest score for gun control in the country. Sure, we expected to have a lower grade than California but our grade is pretty pathetic. Seven. Out of 120. That's our score. Seven out of 120. Are we giving away guns in Happy Meals? Here Lamar White talks about some of the problems and offers possible solutions.

Then there were Two

The hunt for Louisiana's speaker of the house lost one candidate as Republican Thomas Carmody of Shreveport bowed out because he does not have the votes to win it. In the Republican controlled capitol, John Bel Edwards is backing Democrat Walt Leger against another Republican Cameron Henry. Will bipartisanship prevail or will candidates fall in line with their colors? You probably know the answer to this one.

What's our Version of Medicaid?

Treasure John Kennedy has come out to warn John Bel Edwards about his plans for Medicaid expansion. In this time of budget cuts Kennedy says it is important that we look to provisions and restrictions made by other states. In other words, he says don't give a "Rolls Royce" version of Medicaid. With our budget woes, that won't be a problem. Louisiana, you are getting the Ford Ranger of Medicaid.