La La Land

Monday’s Blogs from the Bog

by Nick Pittman

Troy Brown says he's not going anywhere, Mitch Landrieu goes everywhere, David Vitter and Bobby Jindal get props from the gays ... what a weekend!

The Gays to Jindal and Vitter: Thanks!

The guys and girls who like guys and girls at Queerty - calm down, that's the site's actual name - named David Vitter and Bobby Jindal to its list of "Five Dumbass Antigay Activists Who Unintentionally Helped Our Cause This Year." They reason being that the two helped get John Bel Edwards elected, which helped gays in Louisiana because of the anti-discrimination act he promises to pass.

Edwards: You Want This

Edwards views his election as a mandate from the voters on what they want. He says they elected him to do things he promised to do while running for governor - like raise the minimum wage (he wants it at $8.50), equal pay laws for women, Medicaid expansion and increasing the earned income tax credit. Wait, he had a platform? I thought everyone voted for Edwards because he wasn't David Vitter.

Mitch won't Run

Bayou Buzz contrasts Mitch Landrieu's handling of New Orleans violence with that of France's president after the Paris attacks. It also dives into his frequenting global warming summits. Here it says it is a good thing he will not run for Vitter's seat because he could not win.

Brown won't go Down

Rep. Troy Brown - recently arrested after a Bayou Classic after-party for domestic violence (side-friend, remember?) - says he won't resign from office. However, he may not have a choice: the home address he listed on his arrest report falls out side the district he represents. Ooops. Speaking of the Bayou Classic, here's Southern's Human Jukebox Machine performing Adele's "Hello" at the game Brown attended.

Big Pay Day

Louisiana Voice has a break down of the $20 million verdict awarded to a contractor after the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development shook him down in order for him to receive state work. Nah, not possible. Not in Louisiana.