La La Land

Friday’s Blogs from the Bog

by Nick Pittman

Burl Cain is on his way out. Could the Confederate monuments be next?

Monumental Day to Decide

After next week we may know the fate of the Confederate monuments in New Orleans. The city council will take up the issue on the 17th. It is not exactly a done deal: one council member, Latoya Cantrell - an African American, no less - is opposing the removal, as she says it did not come from the community and is a distraction for the real issues facing the city.As for those issues, she has a few. Read her full statement detailing them here. The Hayride provides a debate on the issue. If the monuments are removed it will be a landmark day in New Orleans - the city actually accomplished something. As for what that is - a distraction, pushing an uncomfortable history under the rug or a legit wiping out of racist monuments - is up to you.

Cain Cutting

Although Burl Cain has brushed off charges that he violated ethics by selling land to friends and family of inmates, he is resigning as warden of Angola as of Jan. 1. Now, let's just pause to realize that Cain has his flaws - the land deal, the housing deal, the A/C deal - he has done an incredible job at Angola, which was one of the most violent prisons in the nation before his arrival in 1995. No matter what you think of him or his take on the role of religion in reformation, for anyone who has ever been there and met the warden - I have - you know he runs the show. His replacement - may taxpayers and God have mercy on their soul - has big shoes to fill. And please, if you are someone who fills them well, stick to the ethics - this is one job where we cannot afford instability.

Hands Up! Cash Out!

Looks like The Louisiana State Troopers Association's support of John Bel Edwards was not limited to an endorsement - nor was their support limited to Edwards. Louisiana Voice has the numbers detailing more than $45,000 in political campaign contributions LSTA Executive Director David T. Young made with its money from 2003 to 2015 without the knowledge of its members. Nearly $24 thousand of that went to Bobby Jindal, but much of the remaining dough was used to hedge the LTSA's bets in the last governor's race: funding Jay Dardenne, Edwards, Scott Angelle.Edwards took in the most with $10,000. David Vitter didn't get any funds. Other Louisiana lawmakers received money as well. All the while,members who pay monthly dues - $30 for active troopers and $15 for retirees - knew nothing of the contributions. Dear Young, here's a lesson I learned at an early age: not piss off a state trooper. Ooops, looks like you just did and on a big scale.

So, there is a Chance?

If the Saints win all their remaining four games they will have an 11 percent shot at the playoffs. (Right now they are at .7. Yes, point-seven.) Now, this must be done without Mark Ingram who was placed on the injured list on Wednesday. Whoop whoop! Told you this was our year!

Can I get that with a Side of Lies?

The grandson of Wille Mae Seaton - of New Orleans' Willie Mae's Scotch House - has lived a pretty amazing life: Vietnam pow, White House chef responsible for a "seductive meal" that led to the stain on Monica Lewinsky's dress and also responsible for Dan Quayle's "potatoe" gaffe. Except, he never did any of that. Ronnie Seaton's book, Sir White House Chef, has been pulled because it is probably a load of bull. The White House denies he ever worked there and The National Personnel Records Center has no records of him serving in 'Nam. Kinda makes you wonder what's in the soup.