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Monday’s Blogs from the Bog

Here's a race Jindal could definitely win!

One Winner, So Many Losers

Louisiana Voice launched its first-ever Boob of the Year award, in which readers get to pick the biggest Boob of the year. While there are several deserved recipients - such as Troy Hebert, Kristy Nichols, Buddy Caldwell - Bobby Jindal appears to be in the lead. Who is going to win? Who is going to lose? We did, as they are all statewide officials.

Vitter is Louisiana's Loss

With David Vitter leaving Washington, D.C., Stephanie Grace reasons that losing the veteran senator will be yet another in a long list of hits to our state.

Bobby on Trump

Bobby Jindal speaks out about Donald Trump's recent anti-Muslim remarks, saying it is not a serious proposal. Instead, he says Muslims need to assimilate. You know, maybe take a name from a white bread sitcom while they are at it. By the way, did anyone ask Jindal about this or did he just strike up a conversation with someone while trying to find his way out of the capitol?

Bye-bye, Bobby

Bayou Buzz and Robert Mann say their good-byes to Bobby Jindal and they aren't exactly heart warming.

Crime Doesn't Pay, Neither Does Crime Stoppers

St. Landry's very own Badass (with a capital B) Capt. Clay Higgins has opened his own web site to sell Higgins gear, featuring his likeness and message. But, instead of cashing in one his fame, he is using the funds generated to help open a homeless shelter in the parish. After that, he's going to eat a cheese burger with fries and a coke at Stelly's Supermarket and tell you how worthless you are for rustling cattle.