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Tuesday’s Blogs from the Bog

You won't believe for what passes - or fails - for news these days.

Ah, yes, the Public

Yeah, this seemed like a good idea but you knew it would not go well. New Orleans offered a public meeting on the removal of the city's confederate monuments. The public was allowed to comment. You see where this is going, right? The only surprise is that only two people were removed by police. Someone even tried to make it about ISIS!

A Lesson in News Worthy

Plenty of people get arrested for shoplifting and no one bats an eye. But when a teacher is arrested, KATC decides it is news worthy and puts it on their Facebook page, ushering in tasteless comments about her and the profession (she has to steal cos of teacher pay, you know, cos teachers make less than garbage men). True, KATC's Facebook feed is full of #notnews, but usually it is of the harmless variety. But to run a teacher's mug shot (and video of it!) just because she lifted an item from an over priced store, that's low. It's not like she canoodled a student. Seriously, had she been a accountant, nurse, truck driver, whatever, she would have slipped through the cracks. Maybe crap like this is why so many teachers are leaving the profession. Wait, no, that's not it at all.

Cut them Loose, Cut the Budget

Here, the Advocate advocates for cutting the state's financial woes by changing policies on nonviolent offenders. Letting them out of jail or into other programs, it argues, would alleviate some of our budget issues. Hey, we could always privatize the system because that always works out well.

The Voice of Light

Last week, Louisiana Voice unveiled its Boob of The Year Award nominees. This week, it takes a positive turn with the Beacon of Light nominees. And, hey, Lamar White, Jr. is on the list! Boss man Walter Pierce gives a quote too. They know where we are from!

At last, a Win!

The Saints beating the Bucs was likely too little too late, but any time we get one over on a division rival (on the road, no less) it is cause for celebration. Here's a few bits and peices about the record setting game. One of those records, however, is not one to be proud of: Brandon Browner tied the record for most penalties in a single season. With three games left, I'm betting he will set a new record.