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Friday’s Blogs from the Bog

It's a big pay day for the government under JBE, just don't ask Bobby Jindal for any money.

Syrian Refugee Crisis Day: .. Oh, Forget it Already

Seems like Bobby Jindal spent so much time out of state during his candidacy governorship, that he started to care more about what non-Louisiana residents thought about issues than what residents thought. According to this piece, after the Paris attacks, Jindal received e-mails urging him to ban refugees. These e-mails have now been revealed to be from out-of-state senders. And, most of them were uninformed about the issue. Don't smile too much though, you know good and well that same sentiment - and uninformed-ness - could be heard here at home too.

The Tour Rolls On

Bobby Jindal's farewell tour is in full swing and can't be wrapped up fast enough according to The Red Shtick. This time, I think it isn't satire, as the site reports on empty seats at a Jindal event in Baton Rouge. At one similar-minded event in New Orleans - at this point, anytime he is in the state it has to be for a special occasion - he deflected questions about his out-of-state travel costs. Fox 8 in New Orleans reports he spent a million dollars during his presidential campaign. On the bright side, had he stayed around, think of the damage he would have caused!

One Rough Estimate

Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority's two year study is in and the results are not good. If a storm along the lines of Hurricane Katrina hit in the next 50 years, the damage could be in the ballpark of $133 billion. Here comes the requisite billion with a B line. Billion. With a B. Seems like we should be doing something about this coastal erosion thing, huh?

Less is more but More

On one hand, John Bel Edwards' staffers who were around for Jindal will make the same money, but for new hires, it looks like they will get a pay raise over the staffers who held the same job. Jay Dardenne, for example, will pocket about 16 percent more than his predecessor - about 33 grand. On the other hand, Edwards says he will keep less communication staff members. That may save us some money. However, Edwards, maybe those pay bumps could wait until after we aren't so broke we can't even pay attention.

How the Saints will Make the Playoffs

H/T to Andrew Polk, a New Orleans comedian, for this breakdown on how the Saints will make the playoffs. Very plausible indeed.