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Monday’s Blogs from the Bogs

What's on he move? Controversial monuments and American oil!

New Orleans Monument Fall-Out

If you thought the New Orleans monument situation would end when the city council voted 6-1 to label statues of Gen. Robert E. Lee, P.G.T. Beauregard, Confederate President Jefferson Davis and a monument to the massacre riot Battle of Liberty Place as nuisances, you must be new to this whole thing. Some are saying it was a great decision, some put it as terrible. But not only is it not over - with a lawsuit already filed - but some are speculating it is only the beginning. The Hayride goes full Tin Foil Hat with a theory that it is all part of a Marxist regime conspiracy that will also bring down monuments to Gen. Andrew Jackson and city founder Jean Baptiste le Moyne de Bienville. Although the theory is pretty nutsy, it is drawn from interpretation of comments made by Mayor Mitch Landrieu and speculation by the Advocate. Ok, these four monuments were up for debate. But, Bienville? Jackson? Yes, they were not the greatest guys in the world - pro-slavery and a real pain to Native Americans - but the two are very important to that city: Bienville is the Father of Louisiana, Jackson saved New Orleans (and perhaps the entire country) from the British. There's no debating that. Mayor, leave them while you are ahead. (And don't even think about the statue of that loon Ignatius J. Reilly. It stays.) If you want to level anything in this country with a less than tasteful past that was built on mistreating Native Americans and slavery, you are going to need a pretty big bulldozer because it all was.

Oil will Flow Overseas

Congress' trillion dollar spending bill passed with the help of provisions allowing the export of American oil (pretty good timing as that crashing sound you just heard was out economy). But, David Vitter voted against it. Why? Planned Parenthood. Hey, at least he could be bothered to vote this time.

Sadow on Medicaid

Jeff Sadow goes after John Bel Edwards campaign claims about Medicaid and his promise to make expanding it his number one goal. Like we could even afford that anyway.

Edmonson Stays

Louisiana Voice, normally in the Blue corner, is disappointed in John Bel Edwards decision to reappoint State Police Superintendent Mike Edmonson. This comes after the Louisiana State Troopers Association endorsed Edwards and made contributions to his campaign. Hmmm, hiring Jay Dardenne, who endorsed him, letting Edmonson keep his job ... that could not have been political at all, could it?

Louisiana Christmas Card Controversy

Damn, my wife won't even let me dress as Cousin Eddie for our card photo.