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Tuesday’s Blogs from the Bog

Man, this hurricane map looks like the end of the world. Oh wait, it's Blue Bell!

This Week in Oy Vey

The new storm surges maps came out and, day-um, it is not looking good. A Category 3 storm put nine foot surges into Lafayette. Let's not even discuss the 4 and 5 maps. Can we get a do over?

Nichols to the Top

Louisiana Voice is making a strong argument for you to reconsider Kristy Nichols, Jindal’s commissioner of administration for three years, for the Boob of the Year. Not only does she have a bad track record with public information requests, her new job at the Ochsner Health System poses ethical concerns.

Work's for Suckers

I'm really not sure how I feel about John Bel Edwards undoing Bobby Jindal's requirement that welfare recipients work to receive benefits. I think I will wait until it hits KATC's Facebook and let those folks straighten me out.

The Statue Toppling Crew

The Hayride is still in a tizzy about the New Orleans monument decision. Here, it breaks down the people who pushed for their removal. Gasp! It's African-Americans who really dig "social justice." I really would have never expected that!

RG3 to Back Brees-y?

Robert Griffin III might just land in New Orleans the NFL Network is reporting. Damn, that's a whole lot of fizzle. You'd think we learned our lesson with Reggie Bush. Well, there's always the year after next.

Like this News

Forget all that: there's only two pieces of #realnews today. Steve Harvey botched the Miss Universe Pageant and Blue Bell is back! If you don't know these two facts, congrats on having a job that doesn't involve poring social media.

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