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Thursday’s Blogs from the Bog

It's Christmas Eve, be with your family. Oh, they are annoying? Ok, here's some news. Not really, it's mostly lists but it will do.

VItter is Weird

Prediction: 2016 will be David Vitter's best year ever. That's only because he will likely not find himself on lists like this one, ranking the weirdest political stories of the year (that are not about Donald Trump). The "Prostitutes over Patriots" ad comes in at number 6. Hey, that's pretty good results for Ol' Dave.

The True Start of Jindal's Farewell Tour

This editorial looks back on when Bobby Jindal actually checked out - back in 2008 when he was courted by John McCain to not be his running mate. Meanwhile, Louisiana Voice offers up an early Christmas present.Be sure to click the Bye-Bye Bobby link.

Best-of List: Quotes Version

The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report compiled the best political and business quotes of the year. It's the holidays, so get used to compilations, lists and best-ofs.

It's like The Onion but Boiled with Crawfish

Add another item in our long list of additions that are making Lafayette just like Baton Rouge (you know, Whole Foods, Dick's Sporting Goods, Walk-Ons, those breastaurants). We now have a Left-leaning satirical web site! The Daily Crawfish is like The Onion and Baton Rouge's Red Shtick. Some of the pieces are pretty fish-in-a-barrel (one of the top toys for kids is a gun) but some of them are pretty nail-on-the-head (local man turns turn high-paying job because it requires him to turn left on Johnston Street; man regrets jacked up truck that is too high for Chick-Fil-A). Who knows, with a little luck it will be able to afford its own domain name!

End of the Year Google Results

More end-of-the-year lists: these two reveal what we have been Googling. First, turns out our most favorite movie - according to Google - is Home Alone. Either that is a statement about our fears of home invasion or a lot of people are looking into the theory that Kevin is the Jigsaw killer. This other list shows what we are really concerned about, as it points out our top Googled item of the year. Did we mention Louisiana is the fourth most obese state?

Hard Knocks ain't the Half of It

After the Keystone Kaper that was the Detroit game, this argument to trade Sean Payton actually makes sense. But, it gets worse. The Saints could be set to appear on Hard Knocks, a HBO series that documents a team's training camp. The franchise doesn't care for the series - even withdrawing from joint practice with the Houston Texans to avoid being on it. However, it looks like they may not have a choice as they meet the criteria. In other news, Drew Brees has a torn plantar fascia but hopes to play the remaining two games of the season. That should work out well. And, with two games left that present plenty of opportunities, Brandon Browner has set a new penalty record. **Slow Clap**

Dear Weather People,

You keep talking about a cooler winter but I keep getting my shorts out of summer storage.

Merry Christmas!

Here's to you and yours on this Christmas Eve! Just one thing, though. If any of the presents under your tree - or coming down your chimney - are on this list, you still have time to get to the store. It might not mean much to you, but - trust me - Shrek is not in the Sense of Right Justice League and your kids know that. Have a great holiday!