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Wednesday’s Blogs from the Bog

What are you getting the little ones for Christmas? A picture of Bobby Jindal that is oddly not ethnic?

I'm Dreaming of a White Jindal Christmas

Remember that time Lamar White, Jr. tweeted that pic of a portrait of Bobby Jindal with light skin and everybody got all race baiting and whatnot? Now, the portrait is on it's way home to the person who commissioned it - yeah, someone other than Jindal paid for that. Just be glad we didn't pay for it.

The Red in the Race

The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report breaks down the upcoming race for David Vitter's seat and the game plan of 673 candidates vying for it. Ok, maybe not that many people are looking to replace him, but it sure will seem like it when those political ads start rolling

Gremlins 3: Gremlins Take Abbeville

Rest easy, Abbeville, the Gremlins are off the street. Yes, thugs in Abbeville roll so hard they named themselves after Gizmo's offspring that ate after midnight. Thuggin.

The Selfie that Ruined Christmas

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It Wouldn't be Funny Even if it Mattered

The Saints. At home. Monday Night Football. Morten Andersen inducted into the Ring of Honor. 35-27 loss. Not that any of that matters: the Saints were out of playoff contention anyway. But, it would have been nice to pick up a win in the game that saw Drew Brees set records. (And possibly injure his foot.) Besides, it's not like the refs let Detroit call an extra timeout or anything. Just beat Atlanta, ok?