La La Land

Monday’s Blogs from the Bog

Looking back on a year on which we don't want to look back.

India on Jindal

The Huff Post of India looks at Bobby Jindal's departure. While not slamming him, it juxtaposes the expectations of his time in office with its outcome.It's great to see the disappointment is on an international level.

What a Year

Another list compiling the top stories of the year from Louisiana. Spoiler alert: it's all pretty terrible.

Jeff to Tom: Sell

In an open letter to Tom Benson, Jeff Duncan offers a radical solution to problems of the Saints and
the Pelicans: cash out and let someone else have a go - maybe a couple of Mannings.

Louisiana in Retrograde

Smiley Anders breaks down the retro feel of our current political situation. Plus, tidbits and quotes from the year (some tired and some ripe), plus Anders' suggestion for the monuments in New Orleans - it involves paper bags a la the Saints.

The Cost of Correcting History

What's next for the monuments and what is it going to cost? The Times-Pic looks at similar situations and their costs. For now, the removal has been covered, but Mitch Landrieu's next step - some kind of museum - hasn't been funded.