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Tuesday’s Blogs from the Bog

Wrap-ups! Get your wrap-ups here!

To Food Stamp or not to Food Stamp

The Advocate makes a pretty strong argument for John Bel Edwards slowing his roll when it comes to food stamp changes. Or does it? In a pretty balanced editorial it argues the $194 a month it gives is not really living high on the hog. Yet, shouldn't they be out looking for a job or training for a career, it asks. But wait, maybe they can't find one, it offers next. Looks like it not as cut and dry and government cheese. State Treasurer John Kennedy, on the other hand, says get to work.

No Rest for the Weary

You'd think we would get a break from these tiring elections, but noooo. Here's a preview of the upcoming race that goes deeper into both sides of the aisle. Now is looking like a great time to take a really long vacation.

Crime in the City

The Hayride points out some numbers about New Orleans crime during the debate over the Confederate/Liberty Place monuments. Spoiler alert: it ain't pretty. But that is all set to change now that they are coming down, right? Right?

NOLA Defender Nods

The NOLA Defender has a much shorter list of stories for its stories of the year round-up. It's not all gloom - its first nod goes to the city's smoking ban. Bobby Jindal's failed presidency bid is also in there. But wait, was he running for president or vice president?

Wrapping up the Saints' Wrapping up the Season

The season is ending this week, but its a hot time for the Saints. Tom Benson comes out firing about the column suggesting imploring he cash out and walk away from both the Pelicans and the Black and Gold. That letter, he says, is as accurate as the refs were when he lost to the Lions. (Ok, he said it was inaccurate, I added the simile for pizzazz). Jeff Duncan, who penned the piece, let's the fans decide. EPSN Radio 1410 asserts that Benson would not fire Sean Payton and if he leaves, which he might, it would be on his own terms. Speaking of leaving, Pro Football Talk wonders if Sunday's game was the last home game for Drew Brees as a Saint. With the team's troubles and big salary cap issues to keep Brees, it might just be. Yet, can you really trust a site that misspelled his name as "Trees"?