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Wednesday’s Blogs from the Bog

Today's news puts the club in strip club.

Monuments headed to Court

The hearing for the lawsuit to save the New Orleans monuments will take place on Jan. 14. The four groups that filed to keep the monuments argue that it is part of New Orleans' cultural history and their removal violates state and federal law. That hearing takes place one day before Martin Luther King Jr.'s actual birthday and just before the holiday for his observed birthday. Irony much?

Who Still Works in Oil?

Seems hard to believe that oil sector jobs have dropped to fewer than 43,000, given that it is one of the major economic resources in the state. The Advocate calls that a serious slump. You can say that again ... and again and again.

Whoa, just Whoa.

This is one of those headlines that almost gives away the whole story (like that preview featuring Judd Lormand that showed before the Star Wars. You know, about the girl who gets sick but heals herself by falling out a tree? You know, the only one that wasn't a fanboy preview?). Unfortunately, there's not much more to the story than this incredible headline: "Louisiana Woman Accused Of Destroying Strip Club With Bat Over Cover Charge." Here's one with her mug shot.

iPad? We're Broke!

The secretary of state says by the time we vote for governor again, it will be done on iPads. Didn't you hear? We are on a coloring pad budget and you are trying to buy iPads?

It Takes a Community

Oof. Community college students are supposed to be turned over to the attorney general when they don't pay what they owe schools. That policy is not usually followed. The result for South Louisiana Community College students? About $2.9 million in debt. Plus, the school's noncompliance in filing for certain federal programs means it may owe more than $50,000. This is why you can't have nice things.