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Thursday’s Blogs from the Bog

The best news you will read for the rest of the year.

Why Bobby Dropped Out

The Washington Post does a drive-by on why the Republican drop-outs dropped out of the presidential race. For Bobby Jindal, it has to do with his phoniness.

Not the Normal Top Stories List

Louisiana Weekly offers its top political stories of the year. It's not all Bobby Jindal and David Vitter. That's a shocker ... and a relief.

JBE as the Grinch

Christmas is over but Jeff Sadow says John Bel Edwards could play the role of the Grinch when it comes to school vouchers. Though the soon-to-be governor says he won't snatch them away from little Cindy Lou Who, Sadow says his record shows other wise.

Don't Look Back

Forget the year in reviews, Stephanie Grace is looking ahead and making predictions for 2016. Looks like she's betting on John Bel Edwards getting his way.

Saint John

The Hayride goes after the media in its coverage of the food stamp argument, claiming it is making John Bel Edwards out to be a saint. It goes as far to jokingly ask if the media huddles together and plans out its narrative. You got us, that's totally what we do.

I Think I Can Fly

Yes, you can still fly with a Louisiana driver's license. That is thanks to an extension in getting in compliance with REAL ID. Also, look for John Bel Edwards to make our wings permanent, according to this piece.

What a Mug

Damn you, Tommy Morgan! Actions like yours - allegedly beating a woman on Christmas Eve and attempting to steal a child out of a vehicle atop a Morgan City bridge - makes the rest of us with "See No Evil" tattooed across our faces look like bad people.

Sean Payton's Next Job

Speculation on the future of the Saints includes ruminations on where Sean Payton will be next year. This New Jersey piece says he is heading north. Drew Brees denies it.