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Monday’s Blogs from the Bog

It's party time! You bring the Funyuns.

Low-Key Part-ee for 5,000

In light of the budget disaster we are in (BTW, it may be worse than we thought) John Bel Edwards' inauguration party on Jan. 11 is set to be a much smaller affair than his predecessors - there were festivals, a kids' village, a picnic. Instead, after a public sweating-in on the capitol steps, 5,000 invitees will attend a private, no-frills ball. BYOB, y'all.

The Last Jindal Reflection (Hopefully)

The Advocate looks back at the fall of Bobby "Boy Wonder" Jindal, the history he made and the disaster he left in his wake. What sets this one apart is it includes quotes from a sit-down interview with The Advocate and input from Buddy Roemer and Kathleen Blanco

The French Seat

What is the most French Congressional District in America? No surprise that it is here in Louisiana, but where it is in Louisiana is a shocker. Eighteen percent of its inhabitants consider themselves of French descent. (Numbers two and three are also in the state). Hint: it's not in Acadiana.

Study This!

Did it really take a study to determine that most of the sediment that replenishes marshland in Louisiana comes from the Mississippi River? Instead of wasting money on this study, use it to do something about the problem that every 8th grader in Louisiana should know about.

High Crime, Low No Penalty

Louisiana Voice says we owe it to ourselves to go after the real crooks in high places not just the ones robbing us from the middle.

A Prideful Win

It was nice to cap off the season with a win, but it was a meaningless one. Sure, there was a lot of pride on the line and maybe it stuck in Cam Newton's crawl that we beat the team (twice) that ended their undefeated season. But, it still was for naught. Season's done, we are done. Now, what happens? The mantra of there is always next year is an interesting one as the fate of Sean Payton is foggy at this time. Today, the team's front office will meet about him but info could be just as cloudy for weeks. My money is on keeping Drew Brees until salary cap issues look better. Payton? Seventy-thirty, he stays.