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Tuesday’s Blogs from the Bog

C.B. Forgotston 1945-2016

Going to the Big Deduct Box in the Sky

C.B. Forgotston ended his life with a single gunshot on Sunday. Forgotston was a lawyer, political pundit and one of the pioneers of the political blogosphere in Louisiana. It is likely you would not be reading this if not for his page. Forgotston had slowed down in his postings (his last update was a countdown to Bobby Jindal's last day but he didn't have much to say in the last few months). He did remain active on Twitter. [Remembrances]( and tributes to him have been pouring out. We won't speculate, as others have, on why he ended his life. Instead, here's a C.B. thought we can all agree with no matter our political leanings: "Louisiana should not settle for last place on all good lists and first place on all bad lists."

Best Worst Quotes from Bobby

The NOLA Defender wraps up the year and Bobby Jindal's tenure with quotes from the soon-to-be departed. They are either good at being bad or bad at being good. Not sure at all.

Monumental Defacement

Someone defaces the Jefferson Davis monument. Spray paints Angela Davis - the name of a civil rights activist - on it. So, is it a crime to deface a monument that is set to be removed (pending a lawsuit)? Kinda like the tree falling in the forest - we just don't know.

The Forecast Calls for Pain

Next year's oil forecast is not looking much better than this year's. So, it will great at the pump, miserable at the unemployment line.

Saints Looking at 2016

Although the season is over, Monday was a big day for the Saints. Even before a meeting to determine the fate of Sean Payton was held, there were plenty of rumors about if he was staying or going. Other teams are interested in Payton and he may fetch a second round pick if we were to trade him. The team may or may not be interested in letting him explore his options. Payton isn't saying much. ESPN puts the questions about next year's whereabouts of Payton and Drew Brees - as well as salary cap and front office questions - as some of the top puzzles of the off season. In more bad news, next season's opponents have been released. Along with the usual, we face some rough match-ups: Arizona, Kansas City, Seattle and Denver. To add insult to injury, Junior Galette - former Saint - went on Snapchat and bagged on us and several key players. Big words from a domestic abuser via a site teens use to send each other nekkid pics.