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Wednesday’s Blogs from the Bog

Is it broken? Yes, it is! Can we fix it? ... mmmm, maybe?

Gone but Forgotston

The Hayride takes the high ground on C.B. Forgotston's death. Though it didn't know him and it didn't agree with his abuse of Bobby Jindal, the Hayride is right in this post. It's not anyone's place to speculate why he took his own life and it didn't have anything to do with losing a foe in Jindal. Come. On. (For a more personal tribute, click for Elliot Stonecipher's post.)

King Obama

Rep. Charles Boustany didn't like that "gun grabbing" executive order President Obama issued the other day. In a statement, he equates him to a king. Although he's got a point about executive orders - a funky way to do things - these regulations are pretty bland. While he is not as ticked as others, Boustany is going full-blown cosponsor, throwing his weight behind the Separation of Powers Restoration and Second Amendment Protection Act. The act seeks to render any act going against he Second Amendment as having no effect. Perhaps he was prompted by the previous orders issued by Obama on gun control ... or, just maybe, he's running for office in a Red state.

I Like Your Tone

John Bel Edwards isn't coming out swinging, he is coming out with open arms, this op-ed states. Instead of playing sides, he wants the government to be open to working together. Working together and not running for president, you say? Who thinks that is any way to run a state?

Film Lives!

Despite a cut to the film tax credit, the movie industry isn't leaving town. This piece focuses more on the Shreveport area, but it is still good for Louisiana. And let's face it, we need anything that is good for any place in this state.

Changes to Juvie Justice

With a new governor comes talk of improvements - or at least changes - to Louisiana's juvenile justice system. Past governors have attempted - or said they would attempt - to do the same thing, but have not (Bobby Jindal cut the system's budget). This Advocate piece breaks down questions about the system's future and people who may or may not be out looking for a job very soon. Hey, don't do the crime if you can't count to five.

He's Dead to Them

Dead Pelican calls out Ben Nevers - John Bel Edwards' new chief of staff - like he ditched somebody's sister at the altar, calling him a "LAND THIEVING CHIEF OF STAFF." The short piece takes him to task over a shady land deal that would have forced residents in Washington Parish to sell property to a private organization. Note to all: don't rile up Washington Parish folks, they will pitchfork you.

Government and Taxes? No Way!

Here's a shocker: in the face of a massive budget problem, Louisiana's leaders may turn to new or raised taxes. I looked this up online and it said they have a history of this going back quite a while. Seems like everyone should know this, yet they don't.