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Thursday’s Blogs from the Bog

Sandwiches and King Cake ... and some news, too!

Lunch is on Lamar

After a bit of a layoff (perhaps because he was celebrating David Vitter's defeat), Lamar White Jr. returns and offers a free lunch from City Pork to State Treasurer John Kennedy. All Kennedy has to do is show up at the next meeting of the Louisiana Housing Corporation and actually do something. The LHC's rough five years of existence is detailed by White in his latest blog. Kennedy might want to hurry, though. Next week, according to White, the LHC could be bankrupt. (And City Pork looks like it has some good san'miches.)

Grace on Dave

Stephanie Grace does a little freelancing here to discuss why John Bel Edwards was able to end David Vitter's undefeated streak. It's old hat for anyone who has been playing along, but she does give a nod to Edwards' gamesmanship in his downfall - in other words, Vitter did not just end himself.

Not Feeling Bobby

This Indian-American magazine has a quick bite about why Indian-Americans (note the hyphen) are so disappointed in Bobby Jindal. It is not about him not winning or even remaining in the race; it is about his abandonment of their culture and how, although they are conservative when it comes to financial matters, they are socially liberal. That whole Brady Brunch fetish probably doesn't help either.

Gunning for the President's Gun Stance

The Louisiana reaction to President Obama's gun control executive order is not just one-sided. OK, it kinda is. Democrats are having a say and it is that he needs to do more to protect urban residents from gun violence. Republicans, however, are ultra hyped about it. One Tea Party candidate - Rob Maness, who is running for David Vitter's old seat - is even going after Republicans, calling them spineless.

King for a Month

King Cake Season is here! Officially, yesterday was the start of the season, but let's be honest, it began at some stores the second they reopened from Christmas. The Daily Advertiser highlights some of the local places to fill up on holy carbs and sacred sugar. Yesterday, if you were lucky Uber would have delivered you a Haydel's cake for $20 (and by that I mean real lucky, as there were difficulties pulling that off and the service was sold out before 1 p.m.). There's some gems on this list - Meche's, Crystal Weddings, etc. - and some that ... um ... diabetic friendly and gluten free? No, thanks. Me, I'm dreaming off the day Meche's starts using the crunchy sugar.

Six Reasons the Saints went 7-9

Yup. That's them.