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Here we go again: KATC goes dark on satellite

by Walter Pierce

Last year it was DirecTV. Now, Dish Network.

Cordillera Communications, the parent company of local ABC affiliate KATC TV3, just can’t seem to get square with the satellite providers. The nation’s No. 2 satellite company, Dish Network, announced Thursday that Cordillera stations across the country have gone dark on Dish. The two companies are squabbling over re-transmission fees — the fee cable and satellite providers pay to local stations to transmit their signals. Cordillera wants more; Dish doesn’t want to pay. Something had to give, so for the time being Dish subscribers in Acadiana will not be getting their Rob Perillo fix at 5, 6 and 10 p.m.

KATC had been running ads urging its viewers who are Dish subscribers to contact the satellite company and demand that KATC remain on the air — to no avail.

This isn’t KATC’s first vanishing act from satellite. A year ago the station disappeared for more than a week from DirecTV after Cordillera demanded an increase in the re-transmission fee. The two sides hammered out an undisclosed agreement and the station was back on the air by Jan. 10 following a 10-day blackout.

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