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Friday’s Blogs from the Bog

Bobby is going, Sean is staying, who could ask for anything more? Oh yeah, Sam Hanna, Jr.

A Tale of Two Q&As

The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report posts two conversations of note: one with Bobby Jindal, the other with John Bel Edwards. Edwards is asked stuff about infrastructure and Medicaid. The look at Jindal is pretty softball - what ya gonna miss, T-Bob?

Welcome to the Gun Show

Organizers of gun shows in Louisiana and nearby states say the whole executive order really won't do much. In fact, only 5% of their dealers are unlicensed (President Obama's order requires those selling guns to be licensed). Still, there's the clatter of "governmental overreach." Boy, I can just sense a Hot Deal on some nice pieces from Academy fixing to happen.

Bad Economics

Used to be, you could tell the power of the economy by looking at how much peanut butter and jelly was at the grocery store. If there was a lot left on the shelf, we were good; if it was scarce, it was the hard times. (Meaning that people turn to PB&J as a cheap eat when the economy is busting, turn away when it is booming). Today, it is more complicated than that. But, these two figures don't look good. Less construction jobs are being added and less cars are being sold in Louisiana. I'm telling you something you already know, right?

Gill on C.B.

James Gill, the Advocate writer who dubbed C.B. Forgotston as the "KIng of Subversive Bloggers," reminisces about the departed watchdog. Out of all the tributes, this is the one you should read.

Um, Ok?

Here's an op-ed you never thought you would live to see: Bobby Jindal will be missed. I will say that again: Jindal, missed. Sam Hanna, Jr. points out the good things Jindal did. The Hayride had a similar thought the other day, decrying that his "Real Legacy" was more positive than the state media will admit. If you like him so much, why don't you marry him? Oh, what's that? Because he won't stay in Louisiana long enough to fill out the marriage license paperwork?

The Saints Coach, 2006-

There's just too much to report about Sean Payton remaining as the Saints' head coach. While he certainly had some regrettable moments this year, it does allow us to fix what is broken in the off season instead of having to court a new coach and transitioning him and the team. ESPN says it is what is best for the team, as he is clearly all in (as he says he can't see himself coaching any where else) but would rather talk about Gatorade. He even got all sentimental about the city. USA Today agrees that keeping Payton and Brees is the smart move. The real question I have is can he and Les Miles meet up and discuss how a 7-9 coach is beloved while a guy who dropped three was in danger of being canned?