La La Land

Monday’s Blogs from the Bog

A new day, a new regime comes to the bayou.

We Hardly Knew Ye

Well, depending on when you are reading this, we have a new governor and a former governor/presidential candidate. But, it is more than that. All statewide elected officials will be sworn in and there will be events and performances. According to The Advocate, John Bel Edwards will call for unity. According to The Hill, Bobby Jindal hasn't ruled out another run for office. One out of two ain't bad, huh?

Obama to LA

In case you didn't hear, President Obama will visit Baton Rouge this Thursday, thanks to John Bel Edwards' Medicaid expansion. Sure, that's old news. But here's something: every news outlet in this state from Pumpkin Center to Kickapoo will be there to cover it. That's a lot of photos and front pages. If you manage to get your picture taken holding a nice La La Land sign and it runs in one of them fancy papers, I will do my best to run it and your name/bio/relationship status/Instagram handle right here! How awesome is that?!? Yeah, well, times are tough and we are on a budget. Maybe I can see if we have a party size bag of Doritos left over from the Christmas party you can have. You like Cool Ranch?

We Hardly Knew Ye, Pt. 2

The mystery clip art comic strip artist who took to skewering Bobby Jindal is leaving us as well. This past week, the artist posted what he/she says is his/her last swipe at Jindal and a note saying the site will be up until Feb. 7. Will he/she be back? Knowing Louisiana, there is always plenty of material.

Have License, Will Travel

The latest in Real ID news should be a relief for frequent travelers: it won't be enforced for another two years. That should give our ultra effective government enough time to file for another extension, right?

A Gallon of Gas = the Price of a Soda

Be sure to fill up your car ... you may be living in it soon enough.

Blue Bell Listeria, Pt. 2

Oh, come on! Blue Bell you had one job! Spoiler alert: the most commonly Googled term in Louisiana for two years straight ... Blue Bell Ice Cream Recall.