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Tuesday’s Blogs from the Bog

A South Coast party don't stop. Ok, maybe it does because we had work today.

Inauguration Day Blues

John Bel Edwards spoke of unity and reaching across the aisle (along with Medicaid expansion, raising minimum wage and other Blue stuff) during his inauguration speech, but it looks like he won't be getting it. Earlier in the day, House Republicans voted in New Iberia Rep. Taylor Barras as speaker of the House. Edwards backed Walt Leger, a Democrat, for the job. On his first day in office. Damn, that is a statement. Better buckle up, JBE, it is going to be a long four years.

White Out

Here's a quick blurb that really says nothing but points to issues down the road: what will be the fate of John White, the state superintendent and will BESE members play along with John Bel Edwards or will his time in office be one of conflict with the board? Look, White being out of a job was one thing that brought David VItter and Edwards together. There are sound reasons to end his run as the top education leader in this state. If you don't know them, ask any teacher.

It's a Party, Y'all

Louisiana Voice held a party to see off Bobby Jindal and has the pictures to prove it. There was even a cake. It looks so yummy (I'll take a corner piece with a balloon), perhaps because it was sweetened with the tears of the Raisin himself. Jindal, however, was not invited.

There's a lotta Blue in this Red State

When it comes to Louisiana's voting habits, the perception is that the state leans decidely right. Hold up, says Lamar White, Jr., that is just not the case.

Dang, Supriya can Eat!

Check out some of the perks our new governor is getting (and old governors got). My question is how did the Jindals spend more than $200,000 on groceries in a year when the one with - presumably - the largest appetite was never here? Maybe this is where the budge trim begins, JBE.

Let it Flow

You can tell festival season and Mardi Gras have not begun as the opening of the Bonnet Care Spillway spillway attracted a crowd. Either that or with our economy, people are drawn to any kind of free entertainment