La La Land

Wednesday’s Blogs from the Bog

He fights crime ... and hurricanes.

Speaker is Out

This breakdown of the struggle for the speaker of the House spot would have been a lot better had it not been posted the very morning Republicans propelled one of their own into the spot. It's a thorough look at Cameron Henry and Walt Leger, John Bel Edwards' choice, that breaks down their histories and hometowns to examine how it all impacted them. Oh yeah, it also seems pretty useless as Taylor Barras got the nod, not the two profiled here. Ooops.

Edwards' Speech: the Takeaways

The Hayride went through the trouble of going through John Bel Edwards' inauguration speech and putting all the "usual liberal talking points" in bold type. Well, that's helpful!

Clean Air Stinks

If it wasn't coming from an MIT smarty pants, I'd say to break out the tin foil hats. Still, Kerry Emanuel warns that it is hard to prove but speculates on the effect of reducing the junk (aerosols) in the atmosphere. He says it may - and that is just a may - have led to a more intense Hurricane Katrina. Let's go back to the big hair and hairspray days of the 1980s and blow the storms away!

Obama at McKinley

Now, we know Thursday's destination for your La La Land sign: McKinley High School in Baton Rouge. (Let's just hope President Obama doesn't ask kids to single out the worst kid in their class.) I just made it official: we have the Doritos. Get yours by getting your La La sign up in some of that sweet media coverage!

Can't Vouch for this One

You know that voucher program that Bobby Jindal wants John Bel Edwards to keep? Hmmm, maybe not. The National Bureau of Economic Research put out a paper claiming that it harms students - low income kids are 50 percent more likely to fail math by attending one of the participating private schools. Fifty percent! That's almost half!

A Ragin' Return

The only good news coming out of the Ragin' Cajun season this year is that one of our key players will return. Elijah McGuire announced he will stay for his senior year and skip the NFL Draft. Hopefully, this means he will blow it up next year, lead the Cajuns back to glory and then get drafted (fingers crossed that he gets picked by the Saints).

How-to Mardi Gras

For those of you who didn't grow up near New Orleans and haven't realized to stay away from the city during the Carnival season, The Times-Pic has a guide with tips on making the most of the Mardi Gras. There's also footage of the entire Endymion parade sped up so that it only 140 seconds to watch. If you slow it down at just the right spot you might see some boobs. Or, maybe that's just a bald guy. It's hard to tell.