Myrtle Place Elementary accepting donations for playground fundraiser

Myrtle Place Elementary playground

Myrtle Place Elementary will be hosting its first annual Bowl-A-Thon Fundraiser to improve its students’ playground and to raise much needed funds for physical education equipment and supplies.

The school’s PTO Board is putting on the event in order to improve the school’s playground as it frequently suffers from major flooding problems along with replacing its antiquated P.E. equipment.

According to a representative of the PTO Board, it takes a week or more for the playground to dry up after a typical rainfall before students can play on it, and they are often left with no choice but to have their one and only recess on the sidewalk areas. The school also lacks a gym, so P.E. class is held on the playground.

Donations are highly encouraged, though the PTO Board can only take cash and money orders. The deadline is Friday, Jan. 15. For more information call Myrtle Place Elementary at 337-521-7760.