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Thursday’s Blog from the Bog

Louisiana is about to hit it big.

Edwards is not Wasting Time

So much for waiting until we could afford it. John Bel Edwards signed his first executive order to start the expansion of Medicaid - which would require the state to come up with at least $2.8 million to help implement the project. Could this having something to do with President Obama coming to town to laud him for wanting to make this move?

Powerball Winners

Looks the the billion dollar Powerball will not only make some folks rich, but it will put a few drops in the bucket for our state, as we benefit from the sale of all those tickets. How's about this: the state of Louisiana cashes out everything and heads down to the Jet 24 for a truck load of Powerball tickets. That would help cure that budget!

How'd That Happen?

The election of Taylor Barras to the state's speaker of the House spot was unexpected. After all, it was supposed to be a battle between two other representatives that was to fold right down party lines. Except, it didn't. Lamar White, Jr. breaks down how one Democrat turned Republican for the moment helped pull off the surprise win.

A Removed Stone Gathers No Moss

Mitch Landrieu is just itching to see the Confederate monuments gone. Even before the federal court hearing on whether or not the city can remove them, che has allegedly sent work crews to start prepping the sites for removal. That gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "at the speed of government."

Brees' Big Year

If you are one of the ones who said the Saints might should maybe thing about considering trading Drew Brees after the season the team had, here's a look at his milestones from the season. Imagine us without him. (Ok, totally, I am one of those people. Yeah, yeah, yeah, let your hatred flow, whatever. But, look at these milestones as a price booster. Brees has good days left but they are dwindling. It is just a fact. We need to prepare ourselves for the reality that one day he will be done. Then what? What is our plan? Take steps today - or sooner than later - to prepare for that day.)

Cajuns have Self Discipline

More good news for The Ragin' Cajuns (sort of): the NCAA has accepted their self-imposed sanctions following allegations of academic fraud arranged by a former football coach. Although it sucks that one bonehead screwed us out of a New Orleans Bowl win (among other penalities UL Lafayette gave itself), at least they are not adding to the punishment. Now, we just need to go back and rack up another NOLA Bowl win.