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Friday’s Blog from the Bog

OHMYGAWD! He's broken the state in half!

More on the Grand Shooting

Police released more information on John Russell Houser, including his journal. It provides a glimpse into a disturbed individual. The Daily Advertiser points out five takeaways, including his praise of Dylann Roof, the shooter in South Carolina. They also provided info into his background and his interest in a Greek neo-Nazi group.

Starring the Raisin as Pee-wee

To explain Bobby Jindal's exit from office and his take on his time in office, James Gill drops a Pee-wee Herman reference. Jindal sees his time as a win, as he didn't raise taxes and had a "balanced budget." Yeah, no. Your budget may have been balanced when you left to run for president but it sure isn't now that you are out of office. Maybe your bow tie is on too tight.

A Political Dynasty

The Washington Post details the history of the Duck Dynasty crew and their political endorsements. There's video, too. The latest to go up to Da Camp? Ted Cruz, who has their official endorsement. Seriously? They make duck calls for a living. Why should I care what they think about politics? Someone needs to get the Capt. Clay Higgins endorsement train rolling instead.

Do You Smell what the Raisin is Cooking?

The day after leaving office, you would think Bobby Jindal was looking to unwind or eflect on all the good he had done. Instead, he headed over to the Cajundome and laid the Smackdown on Roman Reigns during an episode of the WWE's Smackdown, Jindal showed that he was more than just a raisin - laying out the WWE champ after a knee to the yam bag. Why? It wasn't because he tried to raise taxes or fund Planned Parenthood or referred to himself as a (hyphenated) Samoan-American. Or, because nobody likes Reigns. Nobody. Instead, Jindal took offense to Reigns cursing "in God's country." Seems a little made up? It came from the Daily Crawfish, a perfectly cromulent news site.

One Angry Voice

Louisiana Voice might make you angry today. Not at the site, but about those we elected to office. It details the spending committed by some of our "leaders" in the face of our massive budget problems - fine dining, pay bumps and sweet retirement payouts, all while resisting minimum wage. Not to mention, there was a recent session where Legislative Fiscal Officer John Carpenter outlined how bad things were in Louisiana. What was the response by lawmakers? Walking around, talking and having to be called to order. Great. That's what we have running things: the bad kids who don't listen and do whatever they want. You have a future in government, Little Johnny!

This Week in Weak

A report by Politico says Louisiana is the weakest of all the states - even weaker than our old friend and bottom-of-the-list-savior Mississippi. The finding is based on annual per capita income, unemployment rate, poverty, home ownership rate, high school graduation, life expectancy and infant deaths, as well as obesity, well being and crime. And the week started out so well.