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Monday’s Blog From the Bog

Where Y'at?

Obama's Greatest Foe

In his initial run for president, Barack Obama said there were 57 states. Last Thursday, he spoke in Baton Rouge and signed off with a "Thank you, New Orleans!" Ooof. Talk about winning a crowd over - The Hayride is not impressed. So, Obummer, here's a quick primer: New Orleans is an incredible and unique American city with a rich history, culture and past; Baton Rouge is an American city. New Orleans has a pro sports team that we love even when it is hard to do so; Baton Rouge has a college football team that better not lose a damn game. New Orleans culinary traditions are world renown, Baton Rouge has chain restaurants. But, it is really not his fault. I mean, how many times as he visited the state, anyway? Next time, how's about a visual aid?

The Trooper Problem

You remember the controversy about the Louisiana State Troopers Association? Yeah, that had nothing to do with the funding of political campaigns. The problem was the Louisiana Voice.

Hayride is not being Taken for a Ride

The Hayride is not buying Gov. John Bel Edwards' assertion that a trip through Interstate 10's single lane traffic in Baton Rouge prompted President Obama to pony up federal funding to make the road breathe easier. In fact, they are saying his pants are on fire in several places.

Promises Made, Promises Broken

John Bel Edwards went from saying state Superintendent John White was not qualified to run a middle school and needed to go to saying he will keep an open line of communication with him. Ugh. Politics, y'all.

Lamar for Jacques

Democrats, it is time to get out of the way and allow Jacques Roy to vie (and vie alone) for David Vitter's seat, Lamar White, Jr. advises. He owns up to being biased but points out qualities that would help the Democrat win swing votes and contend with any Republican.

Acadiana Mardi Gras

Skip the drive to New Orleans and keep Mardi Gras close to home. Here's a comprehensive list of things to do locally this carnival season. See you at the Dog Parade!

Welcome to the New New Orleans

In New Orleans, Arcade Fire memorialized David Bowie with a musical parade. Not to disrespect the great artist that Bowie was (and it did seem to turn out pretty cool) but ... this is your new New Orleans. Not convinced? Here's another piece of the puzzle.