La La Land

Tuesday’s Blogs from the Bog

Only two things are certain in Louisiana: debt and taxes.

One State, no Paddle

The Advocate columnists take two separate views on Medicaid: Stephanie Grace says it will be a life jacket for our people; Jeff Sadow says it is will be like an anchor dropped through the bottom of a fiberglass boat.

The Way out of the Hole?

FYI: taxes are on the way. According to a report released by John Bel Edwards' team, cutting services just won't cut it. In fact, shutting down every college and university in the state would get us through the year.

E.J. on C.B. C.B.

Forgotston's wife blogs about his death and his depression. Hopefully, this will end the speculation that some bloggers and columnists did in the days after his suicide.

Registers 1-50 are now Closed

When Walmart can't keep its doors open, you know there are economic issues. Well, I guess they can open up some more Dollar Stores instead.