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Wednesday’s Blogs from the Bog

Sorry, Jesse, it just ain't the same.

Is this a Thing?

How bad of a job did Bobby Jindal do governing the state? Even in Canada his reputation for leaving Louisiana to go run for president is known. Here, A Canada Free Press writer refers to Chris Christie's abandonment governing of New Jersey as "pulling a Jindal."

Damn, Lake Charles

Banks in Lake Charles were defaced with the graffiti "Fudge MLK Jr.", except "Fudge" wasn't "Fudge." It was, you know, the mother of them all. I am guessing someone really needed to make a deposit and got angry that the banks closed in observance. Either that or some folks just can't handle a day off.

Does this Count as Plagiarism?

The student who introduced President Obama to the crowd in New Orleans Baton Rouge last week had her car broken into. The thief took a text book in which she put a copy of her speech (Obama had signed it and everything). Police say the thief wasn't looking to take the speech, which begs the question: who steals a text book?

Murky Logic

In Flint, Michigan, residents are running out of clean water. What comes out of their faucets is tainted with lead. Jesse Jackson compared the situation to Hurricane Katrina. He makes a point that both they man made but ... just no. No. Nope.

Ignoring Squared

The Hayride says the Clarion Herald, the newspaper of the New Orleans archdiocese, is ignoring John Bel Edwards' appointment of Dr. Rebekah Gee as the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. Gee's pro-choice stance, The Hayride says, goes against Edwards' anti-abortion, Catholic views. Hmmmm, wonder why this wasn't brought up when Bobby Jindal had her on his staff?