Letters to the Editor

Jindal, Caesar, Churchcraft and History

Much kudos for Mr. Jeremy Alford’s latest timely article (“Stonewall Jindal,” May 7).  Have the presumed ‘republicans’ forgotten what their Latinate term means?: “Public things.” Furthermore, have they forgotten where their salaries come from that supports their families? In addition, have they forgotten what the French-Latin term “peoples” mean in a political arrangement?: “a group associated by consensus on what is the law, and ties of mutual interest” [coetus multitudinis juris consensu et utilitatis communione sociatus, Cicero, De re publica 1.25].

Since Governor Jindal is an Oxonian (a graduate of Oxford University), the dons at Oxford should have taught him these things. Which college at Oxford did he associate with?

However, this secretiveness, furtiveness and sneakiness demands deeper reflection. What and where is its source? These are the character traits of thieves, nasty corporations (those that destroy things to make easy profits), warcraft (you cannot let your military enemies know your plans) and churchcraft (you hide your dirty linen in your sin-basket).

Upon deeper reflection it is “churchcraft” that is the source of this social poison in government. Our modern churches have forgotten that their realm is the ‘spiritual’ landscape of “malicious spirits” (demons) and “benevolent spirits” (angels) in the territory of eternity where our dead dwell; their realm is not the living realm or the secular realm, this belongs to secular government. Local, state and national governments are the bosses of those of us who are actually “alive” in this present moment. As in government you keep your mouth shut about religion; in religion you keep your mouth shut about government.

If you do not do these matters than you will serve neither Caesar nor God!

Gov. Jindal is purposely putting up an obstruction in public affairs, hence he is guilty of erecting a ‘stone wall’ so he can confer some unjust advantage to “his” groups at the expense of many more groups. He should have taken course work at Oxford University in public affairs that would have taught him that “openness” in public affairs is how “peace, justice and freedom” can even survive in our local communities. War breeds social injustice and slavery (economic servitude) in our communities. If he wishes, we brothers will give him more than 100 books by Oxford dons on these topics to read, if he happened to miss these salient points in his early education. After all, we brothers do like him intensely, and want him to be the greatest governor Louisiana ever had!