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Friday’s Blogs from the Bog

King cake and cigarettes and everything in between.

No Moment of Silence Needed

Convicted serial killer Derrick Todd Lee has died. Lee was on death row for murder - he was linked to the killings of seven women across South Louisiana. The mother of one of his victims has spoken, saying she feels "like being armored for battle, only to find you have no opponent." St. Martin Parish Assistant District Attorney Chester Cedars, who helped put Lee away, was not so civil.

A Look into the Future

Sit down grand kids and let ol' grandpa tell you a story about the good ol' days here in Pepsi Cola presents the Great State of Louisiana (TM). Well, back then in Pepsi Cola presents the Great State of Louisiana (TM), we had ourselves an economy. And, boy, did it have its ups and downs. Well, one day one of these things called a plant - that's where you went get yourself a jobbie, see - closed down its operations. Well, it wasn't the first to do so and it definitely wasn't the last. But the thing was ... Uh-oh, story time has to end early today. Looks like the old trash pile fire is out of hand again here in Pepsi Cola presents the Great State of Louisiana (TM).Let's get it put out before the War Boys notice and come to harvest our organs.

A Regular Raisin

Now that he has left office, Bobby Jindal is just like us, y'all. He even got summoned to jury duty. But unlike the rest of us, he actually went!

Don't Smoke 'em, Even if you can Afford Them

KFLY talked to a smoker about John Bel Edwards proposed hike on cigarettes. The irony of his quote is too much to handle. Apparently, he hasn't heard smoking is bad for you.

Cut Right Here

State Treasurer John Kennedy went on the Moon Griffon show and took John Bel Edwards to task over hsi proposed tax increases. According to him, we should cut spending instead. Taxes, he argues, are not the answer. You may have a point. We don't budget wisely. For example, Bobby Jindal made a bunch of pay raises to state employees on his way out of office. Yeah, that is an area on which we should definitely be spending less. How's about we start the cuts with a big one to your paycheck, John?

Don't Poke the Beyer

Yesterday,I almost posted a link to LSU's Reveille. It was a column about Rep. Neil Abramson crossing party lines to help get Taylor Barras elected as the speaker of the House. But, it just seemed like another heaping of disdain on Abramson's decision - which I already posted about after the vote. It is a good thing I didn't link to it: it would not have been there. Lamar White, Jr. runs the column that was deleted the same day it posted. Not only does the writer Michael Beyer go after Abramson about the vote, but about Abramson's misuse of his office and his wife's interaction with him on Twitter (and her attempt on Beyer's job). It is a laundry list of accusations of wrongdoing and misrepresenting his district. Seems like this Beyer kid has a future in front of him. Or not, as not one every got anywhere by ticking off the powers that be.

Free Speech ain't Cheap

Teresa Buchanan - a fired LSU professor who taught elementary school teachers - intends to sue the university for firing her after she repeatedly told sexually themed jokes to her undergrads and used vulgar language in class. She says it violated her free speech. Yeah, that's not how free speech works. Good thing she didn't teach law or political science.

Indulge in these Indulgent Cakes

Two Acadiana king cakes made the list in this statewide compilation of indulgent king cakes. If this makes you hungry, act now: this is a short season and if you are going to carb load, you don't have much time left.