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Tuesday’s Blogs from the Bog

One budget fix coming up! Make it a Light!

Teens and Life

If you said it would be a cold day in hell when someone in Louisiana convicted for murder committed as a teen would get a chance to be released from prison, you might have been half right. The Supreme Court ruled Monday - despite the snow storm blanketing Washington, D.C. - that prisoners doing life who committed murder as a teen get a chance to argue that they be released from prison.The ruling stems from the 1963 murder of a sheriff's deputy in Louisiana. Henry Montgomery - who, as a 17-year-old in 1963, shot and killed Charles Hurt - was the subject of the ruling.

Angelle or Who?

The Advertiser looks at the race for David Vitter's senate seat and examines the Scott Angelle factor. It argues that while he didn't win the governor's race, Angelle did well in the district that will decide who takes over for Vitter. It also notes how Angelle's late announcement on his intentions benefits the candidates, but - according to the article - it is his to lose.

Not as Taxing

Don't freak out over the tax proposals, says Louisiana Voice's Tom Aswell. Here, he rounds up a few highlights from the fallout of John Bel Edwards' announcement of proposals and breaks down how the furor is unwarranted.

Topping off TOPS

The Advocate continues its look at higher education funding in Louisiana, this time pondering the TOPS program. Some of the highlights are how it no longer has an income cap - one in five recipients come from families pulling in $150K - and how it makes it too easy to earn - nine out of 10 who apply qualify. Look, fix the problems. Save the program. This is one we cannot do without.

Edwards isn't the Guy he Promised

Melinda Deslatte recalls the campaign promises of John Bel Edwards and contrasts how they line up with his tax proposals. The idea to scale back on breaks hasn't show up, instead it has been replaced by hikes.

Watson's Big Year

While the Saints season didn't work out so well, it was the best of Benjamin Watson's career. His success on the field - 74 catches, 825 yards and six touchdowns - was not all he has to celebrate. He is a finalist for the Walter Payton Man of the Year award for his charitable work. At least we have a shot at some kind of post season victory!

Beer for the Budget

Finally, hope for our budget! In this column - titled "For a Six Pack of Beer" - the writer offers to send the Summit Group from Crowley to Baton Rouge to help fix the budget. The price? You guessed it: one six pack of beer. It doesn't even say if they want a fancy six-er of Abita's latest seasonal brew (Mardi Gras Bock) or if we could get by on some Natty Light. As a preview - or down payment - the writer offers a few starting points. Sorry guys - if you are looking for Fat Tire or a cheap beer - numbers 1 and 2 ain't happening.