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Wednesday’s Blogs from the Bog

Oh wow, I thought he was dead. Oh, not that John Kennedy.

Kennedy is A Go

After some discussion of whether or not he would join the race and (some loud criticism of John Bel Edwards), State Treasurer John Kennedy has entered the race for David Vitter's Senate seat. Expect his platform to to something along the lines of JBE is wrong for raising taxes. Well, that should net him some votes.

The Truth behind the Food Stamps

Gambit argues that the flap over getting food stamps without having to work is just delusional Bobby Jindal being delusional Bobby Jindal, as the issue was not a problem for Jindal when he took office or for previous governors.

Higher Ed is Hurting

LSU plans to release its budget plan next week, but here is an early look at what could be on the block, including cuts at LSU Eunice. Expect the same pains across the state. Ultimately, it will be students hit the hardest as fees are rising. Meanwhile, LSU's student paper offers a plan to overcome the woes of the sales tax John Bel Edwards proposed: shop at Winn Dixie instead of Whole Foods. Whoa, what is more shocking: that college kids can afford Whole Foods or that Winn Dixie is still open?

Tax Rounding-up

The Times-Pic breaks down where John Bel Edwards looks to raise business taxes. WWL out of New Orleans says that JBE's sales tax hike will face obstacles. (Really?) Gambit, however, argues that it is not really a tax hike as the taxes were in place in a land we can fondly remember as BJ - Before Jindal.

Mardi Gras Defined

For outsiders, and some locals who just don't get out much, The Advertiser's Dominick Cross explains the full spectrum of how we roll during Mardi Gras season (Get it? Roll? Oh, just run with it. Again, run?). From the krewes in town to the chickens in Mamou, here's your free paywall-protected guide to the Mardi Gras.

Mr. White goes to Washington

No real barn burner here as Lamar White, Jr. posts about his trip to D.C. But, check out who is in the selfie with him.

A Pro Bowler is Found

The Saints escaped a shut out of the Pro Bowl when Cameron Jordan became the only roster member to join the squad (and only after an injury to the first pick). So, a Saint made the Pro Bowl? That seems like it should offer some consolation but it does not.