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Thursday’s Blogs from the Bog

John Bel Edwards needs to become a penny pincher.

Cut Here First

Oh, John Bel Edwards, you are fueling the fire. When you ran, you rightfully called out the salaries of some of Bobby Jindal's staffers. Then, when you took office, you bumped the pay for some of your new hires and kept the salaries you once criticized. Look, these salaries should be the first to go. I know we are talking about people's paychecks, but your Jay Dardenne makes more than you! You are asking the people of this state to take a hit via your proposed taxes. Show us all that the hit will be taken from the top down. These are the first cuts you should make. And, while we are at it, let's just go ahead and forgo having your grocery bills covered by the state as previous governors enjoyed. If not, at least to go pork and beans over filet mignon as Jindal apparently was doing.

Ragin' Cajun Cuts

UL Lafayette rolled out its budget cut proposals in light of the budget crisis. Included are eliminating travel, limiting purchases, hiring freezes, a furlough and cuts to research centers. Any budget without Cayenne in it is one I can get behind.

Monument Ruling Issued

Be sure to park your Lambo in a garage, cause the monuments are coming down (if the planned appeals don't work out). #northernaggression #nowthehealingbegins?

The Forty Percent

Forty percent. That's 10 percent shy of half. Forty percent of Louisiana households are in poverty or working poor who "barely scrape by" according to this Advocate piece about a new study. Wow. Just wow. Locally, it is a little better in Lafayette Parish at 32, but that's still too much. Check out the info graphic to see how poverty lands in Lafayette Parish.

Give Him a Break

JR Ball says that tax breaks for private education should not be on the chopping block as long as industrial tax exemption exists and our schools suck.He even argues that the tuition he pays is not really tuition, it a tax from living in Baton Rouge where the schools suck more than almost everywhere else.

Facebook helps Out

Facebook will start reminding Louisiana users about registering to vote so they can participate in the upcoming presidential primary. There's a lot of reasosn to register to vote. Number 5 will blow your mind.