La La Land

Monday’s Blogs from the Bog

I can throw a football over those mountains.

Higher Ed Report

The Advocate continues its special reports on education, this time focusing on John Bel Edwards and how he might get us out of this mess. While there is no clear path, there are a few options thrown out here. Spoiler alert: it involves cuts and raising requirements.

A Star is Born

When KATC rolled into Carencro looking for witnesses to a drive-bu shooting, the found this guy. True, he doesn't have a great "Ain't nobody got tie for that" line, but that robe and that 'stache ... how has this not gone viral? He just might be Uncle Rico's stunt double.

Hard Times for Tiger

The Daily Crawfish reports on the budget crisis. Despite two servings of Whiskas a day, it is not looking good for Mike the Tiger.

The Carnival 7

Forget the Seven People You See in Heaven, the Times-Pic has the The 7 People You See at Mardi Gras. The paper also calls for you to submit an 8th. Hmmmm, has anyone taken the Topless Coed or the Urinating Stranger?

Delhomme Goes Down Memory Lane

With the Panthers going to the Super Bowl (*wretch*), The New York Post looks back on the time USL's Jake Delhomme almost hoisted the Lombardi. He relives the game and gives his thoughts on Cam Newton. Dammit, we said his name, now he has to do some kind of dance.