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Tuesday’s Blogs from the Bog

JBE is too cold, too cold.

JBE: I'm a Promise Keeper

John Bel Edwards is defending himself against those who are saying he broke promises he made during his run for office. He reasons that the proposals he made then and now are different because the facts are different and he has to make them. I don't know, it sounds a little like the time Vanilla Ice tried to explain how "Ice Ice Baby" does not sample "Under Pressure."

The Water, Don't Drink It

If you thought that Flint. Michigan's water problem was an isolated event, check out this post about the water in St. Joseph. Or better yet, don't check it out. It's super gross. I don't know where St. Joseph is located, but I don't intend on finding out. I'd hate to accidentally stop there one day and drink some of the brown liquid coming out of the pipes.

The Opposite of Ballin'

Except for LSU, Louisiana schools lose money on athletics. So, in this age of cuts, why aren't we cutting athletics? It's an investment, according to the latest in The Advocate's special report on the higher education crisis. It points out that after national championship wins at LSU and New Orleans Bowl wins at UL, both saw a spike in applications. But, really? Nicholls having a football team is an investment? I guess, but then again, so was Enron.

Who is to Blame?

In the Not Really News Department, a report says Bobby Jindal's administration is to blame for our current economic mess. Tomorrow, we will hear the shocking news that the run rises in the east.


This gives a new meaning to the old phrase, "smuggling turtles." Two men - one from Louisiana - are set to be in court today for smuggling protected turtles. Caught in a shrimp trawl - you can only hand catch this protected species in Louisiana - the turtles were being sold to China. Just think, this whole time we've been smashing a protect species on the highway to avoid potholes.

Do What?

This study rates how dependent each state is on the gun industry. While we are in the middle of the pack for that, it rated us low in in gun prevalence and gun politics. Sorry, but your measurement is flawed. Either that or there's a whole lot of guns and gun politics in other states. Seriously, I think I saw a middle school student council member get elected on a Second Amendment platform.